I'm getting error messages when trying to create or clear semaphores in perl on linux.
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When creating a new semaphore I'm getting: No space left on device.

Also, when trying to create/clear an existing new semaphore I get File exists.

Both result in errors.

This leads me to believe that a file somewhere maintains the semaphore count, but for the life of me I can't find where this files exist in any documentation. Any help?
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ipcs is probabaly what you're looking for- it shows the status of inter-process communication. ipcrm lets you control (e.g. kill) these.
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you probably have stuck semaphores lying around.
to get the list of semaphores, ipcs -s. To remove semaphores, to ipcrm sem sem_id for each sem_id you saw in ipcs.

I have this perl script which removes stuck semaphores and shared memory (from bad multiprocess comms.) No guarantees, call it like ./removeIPC.pl username.
$node = `uname -n`;
chomp $node;
@outputsem=`ipcs -s | grep $username | cut -c12-19`;
@outputshm=`ipcs -m | grep $username | cut -c12-19`;
print "Removing semaphores...\n";
foreach (@outputsem) {
        `ipcrm sem $_`;
print "Removing shared memory...\n";
foreach (@outputshm) {
        `ipcrm shm $_`;
print "Removed $c semaphores and $d shms from $username on $node\n";

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Yeah, being out of semaphores gets you an ENOSPC even though it has nothing to do with devices. One of those little oddities, see man semget for more info.

Neustile: A nice illustration of the fact that one of the more than one way to do it's in perl is to not actually use perl at all. *grin*
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hey, it works!
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Response by poster: thanks all... perfect advice.
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