What Happened to 43Folders.com?
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Help solve a mystery. Merlin Mann has been a prolific blogger, and one of the better productivity bloggers, at 43folders.com. Yet, he's disappeared! 43Folders last post was on September 25th. This is an eternity for this blog - and for Merlin. He had some other projects, but I can't find a record of his presence anywhere online since late September. Detectives?
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Merlin is enjoying paternity leave, Ms. Vegetable has heard.
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Ms. Vegetable hasn't figure out how to link yet, but that's the web address where she got the rumor.
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If you're looking for internet presence, he's got a very active twitter account.
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I'm fairly certain his paternity leave ended a while ago. (Though good on him if it hasn't.)
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Best answer: I think his focus and direction for 43 Folders is also changing as evidenced by 3 of the last 4 posts (a, b, c). And he's still posting daily over at kung fu grippe, his personal tumblelog.
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Response by poster: Well! Mystery solved. Thanks, junesix, for the link for his tumblr page; and Kate, thank you for the Twitter info. It seems so out of character for him to abandon such a high-profile blog like 43 Folders without a post to explain such a prolonged absence. But, whatever Merlin's doing, or has planned - good luck to him!

Thanks all!
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Response by poster: After reading the "better" post on his personal blog, I have a better understanding of what's going on. Thanks again!
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I hear him on You Look Nice Today quite frequently.
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He's been too busy hobnobbing with other Internet-famous people.
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Best answer: Merlin is focusing on writing more in-depth, useful material, and refocusing slightly on the subject of doing creative work, rather than the "tips and tricks" type content that a high post count tends to demand. He's fine, writing a lot, speaking a lot, working on YLNT and his personal blog. In other words: look for less, but bigger, maybe more important stuff from Merlin.

And re: paternity, Mrs. Merlin Mann bore him a she-child, but it was some time ago now. Hell of a baby, though. Great hats.

In summary: Merlin Mann, I love that guy.
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Mod note: a few comments removed - Merlin is actually human.
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Best answer: I'm still here. All's well. Just figuring out where I want to go with the site as I also work on lots of other stuff and do a bunch of speaking and consulting work.

Definitely interested in the direction I'd been talking about, but I'm taking my time to decide what that might look like over time — deliberately avoiding the impulse to "post something" just to — y'know — post something.

Probably coming back soon, slow at first, and I'll be looking less at the productivity meta-process stuff the site's (in)famous for, trying to focus more on the demonstrated practical habits that help pathologically creative people become capable of doing what they do on a year-after-year basis. That's the idea anyhow. We'll see.

Sorry to cause concern, and I very much appreciate knowing somebody cares. Still here, just quiet on that front for now.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all who took the time to let me know all is well with Merlin. Especially, thanks to Merlin (himself) who took the time to stop by AskMe and put the worries to rest. My best to him and, thanks again to all.
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Also, for those of the twittery persuasion, merlin's twitter feed at twitter.com/hotdogsladies is consistently amusing. He's a cool guy.

And... oh. hey! He commented, how cool.
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