2009 Marathons
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Where to run to in 2009..

I'm planning out my dance run card for 2009 and am on the search for a marathon that is interesting, fun and / or unique. I'm looking at possibly doing the Marathon du Medoc, but would love something stateside as well.

I'm specifically interested in ones that you don't have to qualify for. I ran the LA marathon in '08, and while it was fun, it would be great to try something new.

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I hear great things about Duluth Minnesota's famous Grandma's Marathon.
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How about the Crater Lake Marathon?
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Several of my running friends love the Boilermaker in Utica, NY.
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Champaign-Urbana isn't so exciting scenery wise, but it's having it first marathon ever next April. Being in on something from the start might be kind of cool.
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I've done Vienna (in the Spring) and Amsterdam (fall) - would recommend both highly in terms of sightseeing along the route and organisation. I'm slow and no qualification was needed.
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Vermont City marathon goes along Lake Champlain for a great view. There's one whose name I can't remember that happens in the north suburbs of Boston (Winchester/Burlington area) that is unusual for being run mostly after sundown, but otherwise is just laps around a lake. Still, people say it's pretty surreal running a race under the stars.
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Though definitely not unique, I did the Chicago Marathon this year and, despite the heat, it was my favorite. The energy from the crowd support cannot be underestimated! That's a must-do for one year, IMO.

The Wineglass Marathon in upstate NY is one my friends and I are considering on our race card for 2009. This Fingerlakes area is gorgeous (gorges - apologies to Ithaca!) and it looks unique.

My fiance and I are doing the Barcelona Marathon in the spring. CANNOT WAIT.

We are planning as well the Honolulu Marathon in December, and it is unique as well as beautiful, with amazing fireworks and an awesome location.

I just did the Outer Banks half-marathon last weekend, and the medals were AWESOME! Small field, 5,000 total (marathon + half) but people dress like pirates (AAARRRGHHH!) and the post-race atmosphere is great. For such a small community, the crowd support rocks.

Good luck, and follow up with your experiences for your fellow running freaks. I love to hear people's experiences with races. Have fun!
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If you get in via the lottery, the NYC marathon is amazing. One of the most fun things I've ever done...
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There are many parts of the San Francisco Marathon that are already a bit hazy to me, but I will never, ever forget running the out and back on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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How about the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans? Flat course, some good scenery, your medal is on a strand of mardi gras beads. Okay, maybe not the best marathon ever. London, then? That was my first. Fantastic course!
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The Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.
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