Its my birthday... where should I eat in Seattle?
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It's my birthday... where should I eat in Seattle?

I'm looking for insight into some of Seattle's nicest restaurants which I may not have yet eaten at. Chain restaurants are ok... though my wife and I usually prefer Seattle's unique restaurants.

Money is no big deal, though I'd prefer to have options which didn't break the bank.

Any suggestions?
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When I lived in Seattle, Wild Ginger was a favorite special event dinner. A bit pricey, but fantastic.
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I whole-heartedly recommend Restaurant Zoƫ, which conveniently right now has a prix fixe $30 menu.
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I was a big fan of Brasa for a special meal when I lived there. It's been a while, though. I ate at Union once, and found it pretty phenomenal.
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My favorite b-day spot is Bleu.
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The Kingfish Cafe is awesome and definitely priced right!
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Ooh, went to the Kingfish this weekend for a friend's birthday - first time I'd ever been. It ROCKED. Totally delicious.
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Trying to do this quickly before I have to get back to work.

Lark does terrific small plates. The pork rillettes and the malt ice cream are particularly good.

Harvest Vine does tapas really, really well, and has some killer desserts, too.

Nishino would be my recommendation for Asian food in an upscale environment. You can do sushi or sort of "Japanese tapas" and both are really, really good.
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Don't listen to Creepy, she obviously doesn't have enough to do during the day, and I'd have beaten her to posting this were I not so cautious.

As for food, seconding Lark, Harvest Vine, Zoe and Brasa.

Take a look at Crow.

And Matt's in the Market

Monsoon is a nice upscale Vietnamese place.

My favorite for celebrations is Mashiko. Make sure to do the Omakase dinner (~$40/person not including alcohol and tip) at the bar. If you want to see some examples:

Omakase #1

Omakase #2
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I day dream about Palace Kitchen. We stumbled upon it while visiting a few years ago and we still look back upon it fondly. The food is wonderful and the space is nice and cozy.
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Seconding Kingfish--beautiful, beautiful neighborhood, lovely service amazing bar service, roll-your-eyes-into-the-back-of-your-head good soul food and new soul food interpretations. Nothing like it in Seattle--gorgeous and without pretension. Perfect birthday restaurant for the lush atmosphere and amazing desserts alone.
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2nding Bleu Bistro - that place is an unforgettable experience from decor to menu to drinks. The ambiance is peerless.

Kabul, offering terrific Afghan food, in Wallingford, turned out to be unexpectedly romantic and the people there are awesome.

Chapel in Cap Hill used to a mortuary and the bar was the slab. The environment is very compelling and they specialise in well-made drinks. That said, you'll be dealing with hipsters (not as many during early week as on weekend, though) and the food doesn't quite live up to the hype.
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There are obviously a lot of options, but Dahlia Lounge has been our go-to for a special meal for a while now. I get very particular when I'm shelling out that kind of cash on a meal, and I've found very little about the entire experience to fault on any of my visits (to Dahlia, or any of his other restaurants).

Chiso in Freemont is great for sushi and other Japanese food.
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Ikon Grill

nthing Palace Kitchen

nthing Dahlia Lounge

Go old school and head for Canlis. Or the Edgewater.

Mashiko is awesome and if you sit at the sushi bar your friends can watch you online at

didnt' Brasa just close?
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Oh hay, another November baby! I went to Harvest Vine last night for birthday dinner and it was fabulous. If you go you must get the homemade duck ham.

I'm going to be really unhip and recommend Il Fornaio. Yes it's in a mall and yes it's a chain, but I've had really fabulous Italian food here.
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I recommend Zoe's if you have an adventurous, omnivorous appetite.
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(I am soaking in the nostalgia that is this thread..)

Crush on Madison, along with the previously mentioned Zoe, are two of my faves in Seattle proper.

Both of those have been around for awhile though -- for something newer and a little more distinctive, try for a reservation at the Corson Building.
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Seconding Crush, here's the Yelps. It's very very good and the room is small and intimate--a perfect place for a special meal. If you want to splurge, the tasting menu is superb.

A couple of newer places that are a bit more casual that you might want to consider:
* Quinn's in Capitol Hill (gastropub, owned by the folks who brought you Zoe).
* Txori in Belltown (tapas, owned by the same folks who own Harvest Vine and pronounced "chor-ee").

If you want to eat at the place that is the current foodie buzz--I've not eaten there but it sounds both yummy and fun--check out the Corson Building (from the owner of Sitka and Spruce).
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