Dual Citizen living a third country inquiring about a visa to a fourth.
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I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to go about getting a visa to China. My problem involves currently living in a country other than either of my two citizenships. More details within.

I'm a dual Canadian-British citizen, who is currently living in Germany as a foreign exchange student. I want to visit China for about a month from mid-February to mid-March, followed by about a week in Japan. I don't need a visa for Japan for either citizenships, but I do for China. I'm having trouple navigating the government of Canada website, and can't at all find what to do if you're out of the country to begin with, and haven't got a clue where to start with the British consolate.

Basically, I was hoping that someone could maybe point me towards a website that would give me a really basic and accurate run down and/or checklist that could help me get my visa.

Also, is it easier to travel to Asia on my Canadian or British passport? I've never been to Asia before, and all I know is that it would be ever so slightly easier for me to get back into Europe on my British one.

Also, I need to find out how long the visa would take to fill out... so basically my deadline for application.

Thanks very, very much.
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Is there a Chinese embassy near you in Germany? If so, you could start there. It looks like it takes 4 business days to process according to this website (which has a lot more information).

Temporary foreign visitors with a valid US visa or foreign residents with legitimate status in the US, may apply for Chinese visa to the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy.
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Here's the information from the Chinese embassy in Germany about requesting a visa. They'll be able to process this for you (normally 4 working days processing time, and you can't apply more than 50 days before your trip) as long as you have a valid residence permit for Germany. You can also download the visa application form from their website.
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