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How do I make photoshop quickly combine two sets of about 1000 images each?

I need it to grab an image from set one, put an image from set two on top of it as a layer, and then change the layer's opacity or use the top layer as a screen. I then need it to repeat this roughly 999 times. I've tried googling but I'm not even sure what to call this. Oh yeah, and I have photoshop 7.
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Go to the actions toolbar, and click record.
Combine 2 images and then click stop in actions.

Then go file >> automate >> and and choose the action you just created. Point it towards the folder of images and go make a sandwich while it does it all.

I don't have photoshop open, but this is the general gist of it. You can google for photoshop batch processing and actions.

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With the batch processing, you can also set up what's called a "droplet" on your desktop, and then all you'd need to do is drag your (pair of) pictures into the droplet.
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Thank you! It took some working with but I got my pictures all combined in the way that I wanted them. I'm actually now kind of embarrassed that I asked such a simple question here when if I had more patience I could have found the answer. But this has made my evening so much less complicated.
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