Where can I get a Pantone Wallet?
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Where can I find a pantone wallet or something similar?

I searched metafilter for a nice, stylish mens wallet and came across the pantone wallet. http://www.uncrate.com/men/style/wallets/pantone-wallet/

I cannot find anywhere to purchase them online, so i'm thinking they were discontinued. Does anyone know where I could purchase one of these wallets or recommend a similar wallet? I'm really into vibrant colors!

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They do indeed look discontinued. Too bad, they look awesome to me too.

Google shopping searches for '[color] men's wallet' is bringing up some interesting ones, (oh god neon green leather) depending on how long you want it to last and how much you're willing to pay.
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You used to be able to get that kind of stuff at the MoMa Store, and similar museum-y places. Now all I see there are the Pantone mugs. There's some other Pantone stuff at Pantone Universe, but I don't see wallets.
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Besides it saying "Pantone" on the side, it's just a blue wallet. Do you need it to say "Pantone" on the side or something?
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Besides it saying "Pantone" on the side, it's just a blue wallet.

No, it also gives the Pantone value for that shade of blue. It's clever and amusing if you're a print nerd.
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I thought* I saw a wallet on the Pantone table at the MoMA last week, so it might be worth a call to the store itself (as opposed to going through the catalog/online shop, which I assume checks inventory from a warehouse).

(*Could be wrong about this, as I was being dragged away by children and did not really get to enjoy my experience. Bitter.)
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If you're just looking for interesting & eye-catching with a pop of colour, I'd suggest Etsy; there are some colourful "shirt & tie" ones at this shop or this vibrant one from this shop.

Love the pantone one myself though, definitely a cool printing related item.
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it also gives the Pantone value for that shade of blue

Well, here's the equivalent business card holder that I suppose could be used as a small wallet. Same concept (PMS# = color of wallet).
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And here's a huge selection of related Pantone-coded products (wallets, bags, etc.)
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