Health Benefits of Sex?
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Sex is often touted as beneficial for one's health. Is this supposed to be true for both men and women, and how much evidence is there for the claim (apart from calorie expenditure, which is still negligible compared to actual aerobic exercise)? And is it primarily the orgasm that's supposedly healthful, or even sex sans orgasm?
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I would argue it's good for your mental health.
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Stress leads to a host of conditions (indirectly) and "Experts say reaching orgasm can be effective stress reliever". Like exercise, sex raises endorphin levels which has a beneficial effect.
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Best answer: Semen cures depression?
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Frequent orgasm (okay, ejaculation) is beneficial to prostate health in men. So sex without orgasm wouldn't be as healthy for men, although there are other benefits.
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It's much more difficult to reproduce without sex, and reproduction is good for the health of your species.

A lot of the benefit from sex may lie in the (if performed properly) vigorous exercise. Also helpful is the release of oxytocin which helps you bond with your partner, among other things.
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The health benefits of masturbation
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Best answer: Masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer. Take that, Onan!
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There's considerable evidence that a person's state of mind affects the working of their immune system. Someone who's tied in knots in frustration doesn't have as good a state of mind as someone who got laid the night before.
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i recall a study where orgasm actually relieved pain somewhat. perhaps certain hormones are released that reduce inflammation? inflammation is one of those bugbears of good health--even inflamed gums put you at higher risk for heart disease. less inflammation = better health.
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My partner visited the urologist last week. This particular doctor recommends that men ejaculate at least three times a week.
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I love askme. Never heard of oxytocin before. Now I am reading scientific articles on it.

And my two cents on the original question:

It is most definitely good for men and women. Any good doctor will ask you about your sex life. It's a biological need. Organisms tend to get cranky when they don't have these.

People with healthy sex lives live longer, are less depressed, and are generally less lonely.

Also, sex, when done right is aerobic exercise. I'm betting you'd pass out first if you tried to make it into an anaerobic exercise.

And I'm not sure the people touting the prostrate health benefits are correct. Will read the links, but was told it didn't matter either way (by a doctor). Be interesting to see if there is an increased rise in prostate cancer deaths among the celibate.
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I've sometimes wanted to know the opposite - I mean, I like sex a lot, but, all the reports that it's really good for you, I mean, sure we want too, but doesn't that just make for a justification looking for evidence?
(Same with

I've noticed several times though, that rather than being a stress reliever, a lovely new partner, lots of great sex, and I seem to completely stress out.
To the extent that being celibate for awhile would probably be a good idea, but - did I mention I really like sex? D:

I then read in New Scientist, that in many people, there's a severe drop in serotonin, and a rise in symptoms, like unto that of OCD, among the newly love-struck (I wouldn't have exactly described it as love ;P ), so I guess it's not technically the sex's fault.
Article here (full article here).

Still. Given I'd noticed the cycle before reading the article, it's a big negative in my book. Not sure what to do about it other than take some 5-htp for a bit?? Wait til everything else is non-stressy?
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Best answer: This article in New Scientist says that having sex shortly before a stressful event reduced associated stress. Perhaps surprisingly, penetrative sex had this effect far more than other forms.
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I was only able to be in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Georgia for a short time, but what I learned during that period was that the PC's Medical Officer pushed sexual activity as a kind of cure all for many mental health issues. Volunteers often came in to speak with her about depression or anxiety cause by isolation, bleak weather, homesickness or a combination of the above. Inevitably the PCMO's first response was to look the person in the eye and ask, "Are you having the sex?" If your answer was no, she would tell you you should be, citing how much better you would feel and offering up free condoms or oral contraceptives.

This was especially interesting to me considering that societies views on pre-marital sex, and what Peace Corps' response would be if you did get pregnant, but that's another story
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Best answer: Let's not overlook the #2 reason we all seek sex: human touch.

Babies die without it.

People get whacky without it.

We need it, and naked full-body-to-body is the most we can get of it.

Praise the Lord and pass the a\m\m\o\ lube!
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People with healthy sex lives live longer, are less depressed, and are generally less lonely
Yes, less lonely because they actually HAVE someone to have sex with. Hard to stop being lonely if you have no one to have sex with.
But to answer the question, sex is good for your self image and confidence, if you do it with the right person, for the right reasons. Or at least if you don't do it with the wrong person for the wrong reasons.
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bah, what happened to the spaces between the lines that I saw in the preview of my post? Sorry about that.
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negligible compared to actual aerobic exercis

Only if you're not doing it right.
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Ejaculation may relieve stuffy noses in men. For starters.
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Best answer: Thanks for all responses so far. Apart from the workout already mentioned, answers seem to boil down to:

1) the pleasures of endorphins and oxytonin (orgasm-driven)
2) the emotional reward of intimacy, and other derivatives thereof (e.g., confidence)
3) various kinds of collateral physical relief (for ejaculating men mostly)

The question was really about sex itself, with orgasm and without, but regardless of love. Other than the emotional stuff, then, it seems that sex is 'healthful' only when orgasm is reached. Are we agreed on that?
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