How much is my Macbook worth?
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I need to sell my very lightly used white Apple Macbook. What should I reasonably expect to receive for it? More details inside.

I have a white Apple Macbook that I purchased in March of 2008. I have used it literally just a handful of times. It has been in a protective Incase hardshell since unboxing. It is in like new condition and I have had zero problems with it. I am in need of money so I am going to try and sell it, possibly on Craigslist, but maybe to an acquaintance. I know that Apple recently refreshed (for better or worse) the Macbook line, so I would like to know what I should reasonably ask in terms of price for it. I do not have AppleCare on it.

Here are its specs: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB DDR SDRAM, 160GB hard drive, 8x Superdrive.

I have all the original packaging, documentation, disks, etc. It is a well taken-care of item.

What price should I set for it?
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eBay completed items search shows them going for around $850, plus shipping. You may get a little more for the condition, and if you throw the case in of course.
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I've also heard they are worth about $800 give or take. My friend sold one recently to buy the new ones. Check craigslist listings as well to get a sense for what they are going for near you.
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Be careful on both eBay and Craigslist. Laptops in particular are the target of scammers and spammers. Some have alleged that it is all-but-impossible to sell nice electronics on eBay anymore.

That being said, the $800-900 range is probably reasonable, though if you want to move it in a hurry you could drop to $700-750.
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I've sold (my own gently used) computers on eBay in the last six months without any problems. So it's not all impossible.
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Since you only bought the computer in March, you should mention in the ad that it is possible to buy an AppleCare plan for it. If you had bought the computer more than a year ago this would not be possible.
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$800 give or take- if there was some sort of AppleCare coverage. That shit costs $$ and though I'm glad to know I can still buy it for the product, I'd be less likely to pay more for a laptop that doesn't have coverage. I'd peg it around $700 for a no-hassle sale.
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You should look at the Apple's site and see what they're selling comparable refurb models for and price the laptop less than that.
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You should look at the Apple's site and see what they're selling comparable refurb models for and price the laptop less than that.

A refurb of equivalent specs is $999 including shipping. That's direct from Apple and with a one year warranty - and possibly a new battery.

About $800 sounds fair.
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Definitely pitch the applecare warranty including the serial number to check the legitimacy. I just got the same macbook and paid around $1000 but had to pay taxes. Universities right now are having good bundle deals so anyone paying $1000 or above is going to be hard unless you have a lot of extras including applecare.
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