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Hey, check out all these crazy digital pics I took at my sister's wedding last night! Wait... wtf? Where'd they go? [mi]

Yea... I stuck the card in the reader and the images are "gone". Not good. So I put the card back in the camera and now they seem to be gone there too. Has anyone had any luck with any of the various "Image Recovery" programs out there. Or maybe you have a similar experience (and solution perhaps) to share. Thanks!
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camera = Canon Powershot SD110 Digital Elph
card = SanDisk 64mb
card reader = SanDisk ImageMate SD/MMC (SDDR-93)

...in case that helps. I was able to find this testimonial, which sounds promising.
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I've recovered deleted photos from my camera using pc inspector file recovery. Does the camera show up as a drive in Explorer when you plug it in to the computer? If so, plug it in and run the program. It should find anything that's still on the card. If your camera is set to use PTP (doesn't show up as a drive, just transfers pictures) or something you may have to change a setting.
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Have you used SanDisk's recovery tool? I can email you a copy of it if you need it. It uses a non-destructive method of extracting whatever's possible; in case you decide later to send it to a "professional" you won't have to worry that you made it worse by trying to recover.
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Um... Bueller?

I guess he solved the problem.
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My sister, on vacation in Europe, accidentally formatted her camera's memory card. She took it to a nearby camera store, and they managed to recover them and put them on a CD for her.
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Hey guys... thanks for the replies. I'm sorry I didn't get back to this sooner. I left town for a week later the same day I posted this question. Turns out, my significant other has managed to recover the photos using some piece of software. I'll have to find out exactly what it was an post it. Thanks again!
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