Help me find a small, independent Mac shop in NYC
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Around a year ago, I was digging through applying for jobs at Mac repair and sales places around the country, and ran across a small (not TekServe) independent, storefront shop in NYC. I've tried to find it again, with no luck. Any ideas?
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Mikey's Hook-Up? That's only in Brooklyn (a couple locations), but it's the first small Mac place that springs to mind.
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You're probably thinking of Digital Society.
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i was coming in to name those two places, i can't really think of any others.
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There's a new place in Brooklyn called the Mac Support Store. There is also another place which I can't think of, but there is a link on the Apple web site that lists the authorized service providers.
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MacSupport Store isn't new, it's just the renamed J.U.M.P. company (used to be at

I know people personally at DeepTech, Valiant, and Xperteks. If you MeMail me, I can give you more information privately.

Perhaps if you tell us why you're looking for the company, we might be able to suggest where best to go for help, employment, etc. I also happen to know quite a few Mac techs around the city who work at big companies in support roles.
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My office is down the block from Mike's Mac Shop on 20th between 6th and 7th, which is 3 blocks from TekServe.

I went in there for a new off brand power cord and they were great and certainly had that 'hey new business!' sparkle, but I can't vouch for their repair skills. I do have to say that while super friendly, I only found them because I walk by every morning, they are kind of randomly in the middle of an awkward block next to a Chinese foot acupuncture place and a really expensive wedding dress place.

You may want to ask about the health of the business
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remlapm: that was exactly the one I was thinking of, thanks!

Thanks, everyone!
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