How can I download Yahoo emails to my PC and keep them separate from my work email on MS Outlook?
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How can I download or archive the email from my Yahoo email account to a PC without it interfering with my work email running on Outlook on that same PC?

Once downloaded, the yahoo email has to be searchable, filter-able, etc, so a flat text or zip file won't work. Can I install something like Thunderbird and use it to connect to my yahoo account without it conflicting with my Outlook email? In addition, I don't want the email to disappear from Yahoo - the emails on yahoo should be unchanged. If possible, the download solution should preserve my Yahoo mail folder structure.

This is strictly for forensic or archival purposes. I don't need to send yahoo email through this solution, only download and organize them. Given this, is Thunderbird even the best solution?
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You can download Zimbra to download mails.
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I believe you'll need the upgraded $20 per year account for pop access to your Yahoo mail. Once you have that, any mail client will work. Yahoo owns Zimbra, so it's possible the fee is waived for Zimbra users. It's worth looking into.
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If yahoo doesn't allow popping, Thunderbird + Freepops may help you get around that.
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Best answer: I did exactly this with YPOPS and set up a bogus account in Thunderbird (fake server names in case I accidentally sent a message).
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Seconding Science, YPOPs! is the way to go...
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I hadn't even realized Yahoo disabled POP3 access. Looks like YPOPS is the way to go, but I'm going to try freepops as well, as that may help strip mine my other accounts.
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I'm going to try freepops as well, as that may help strip mine my other accounts.

If any of those accounts are with hotmail, it might be useful to know that hotmail changed their interface the other day, which briefly broke freepops. As usual, a developer had a patched version of the hotmail interface up within a day or so, and you can find it here.

Just replace the old one in the folder with all your other .lua files, restart freepops, and you're back up and running.
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