Oh cool-watched astronaut, what were you!?
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animated movie or cartoon filter: 15-20 years old, astronaut, had a cool watch, maybe some anime stylings.

I just finished watching an episode of SpeedRacer and something about it teased out ever-so-fleeting memories of a VHS tape I used to watch over and over as a little kid. I'd love to try to track it down again and watch it for nostalgia's sake, but am at a loss as to what it could possibly be. Help?

It was definitely animated, though I'm not sure if it was episodes that we taped, or a movie. It featured an astronaut who flew around in a spaceship. I think he was white, but I have a vague idea of orange -- maybe his spacesuit or uniform. He may have had somewhat pale orange tights. I remember he had a neat watch. I think at one point he used it to hypnotize someone by making him look at the watch and follow this light that spun around in circles. I think there were others in his spaceship, though they may have been robots.

Sadly that's all I can remember right now. Anyone have any guesses?
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What time period was this cartoon? 80's? 90's?
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Maybe Ulysses 31 ?
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No orange or witches, but robots and flying guy who fights could be Astro Boy. Think Mighty Mouse.
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Response by poster: The cartoon was from either the late 80s or early 90s, I believe.

And thanks for the suggestions, it doesn't appear to be either of those. The Astro Boy one did make me realize the main character wasn't a child.

I've been looking through all the lists of 80s and 90s cartoons I can find and haven't found it yet. It may have been a movie, then.
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Best answer: This is a little older (late 70s/early 80s), and honestly I'm not sure if it played in the US - it seems to have been much more popular internationally (I saw it in Spanish in Bolivia at the time). In any case, it was called Captain Future, and you can watch the intro here.
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Response by poster: YES! That's the one O9scar, thanks sooo much.
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