The perfect (somewhat) Buddhist gift for a non-Buddhist baby
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My friends are not religious but are having a Buddhist blessing ceremony for their baby's first birthday. Help me pick a gift.

They are not Buddhists and as far as I know don't plan to raise a Buddhist child, so I'm not looking for a heavily symbolic religious gift. I want something cute, thoughtful, possibly cool and somewhat (even if vaguely) related to the theme. The theme being, I guess, Chinese/Buddhist tradition and folklore.

I've been to Pearl River in SoHo today, and here are some of the things I considered getting:
Chinese baby jacket (or dress or pajamas)
Tiger hat or shoes
Zodiac ornament (the ceremony will be in their garden so they could hang it in a tree)

Would any of these be a mistake? The perfect choice? What else do you suggest?

It must be light and unbreakable because it's going to South America by mail. And if I can get it in Manhattan, even better - I need to ship it next Tuesday.
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Oops! Here are the correct links to the jacket and the ornament.
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Why are they having a Buddhist blessing for a non-Buddhist child? That might help us to figure out what kind of gift would appeal to them.
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I guess they just want to have a spiritually meaningful celebration. The monk that will be performing the ceremony is a person they've always admired.
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My mother raised me as a Buddhist child and recently gave me a copy of one of my absolute favorite books from my childhood: The Mountains of Tibet. It's a beautiful, beautiful story - good for bedtime reading. Also, even if the parents/child aren't necessarily into the whole re-incarnation as literal fact business, the art is absolutely amazing.

Light & unbreakable!
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How about donating to a tree-planting charity so that a tree can be planted in the baby's name? This one does a card/certificate saying the tree was planted in the person's honour. It's in the Buddhist spirit of non-attachment and is more "we are all one" than "it's all about Baby".
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