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NotSportsFilter: I've trained as a quarterback for many years, just like half the population. Several years ago, I started playing games against real opponents. A trend I've been noticing, especially with the last few serious opponents: I'm highly successful at making completions, but my throwing arm gets scuffed up. I'm pretty sure it's from friction while I'm trying to complete the pass. But the point is, whether I'm going for a short pass, a touchdown or setting up a field goal, my arm is always in a bit of pain. Especially the next day. My question: Is there a way to let my arm heal while still getting game?

A few other relevant facts: I'm 23. I've played exclusively against female opponents. I'm fairly certain there were no illnesses contracted during my games. (I think friction, not illness, is the cause of the scuffing.) Between my unofficial opponent right now and practicing on the side, I'd say I get action as a quarterback every day or two. Can I play the game and heal too?
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This is a metaphor? Your dick hurts, and you want someone to tell you how to buy lubricant and admire your witty prose style? Don't make fun of football. Don't apply Stickum, either.
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Maybe change positions for a bit -- may I suggest wide reciever or tight end.
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Tiger Balm? Capscicum? ;o)
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Planetkyoto: If I could have asked this question anonymously, I would have. But there's no feature to do that. Thanks for being an ass, though.

Cedar: Yeah, I've come to that conclusion. I do love throwing, tho :-)
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Make sure your gear isn't causing you problems. Some people are allergic to some helmet materials or yours might just not fit right. If you're going to rush the ball, you're gonna need slick up your guards. Also, work with your team - you got four downs, guy. Use 'em.

Keep giving your 110% and don't stop believing, sport.
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Oh, and don't train too strenuously in the offseason.
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The euphemism in here is too thick. You want to know if you can continue to have sex while you have a chapped wang? Yes you can, although obviously you'll want to keep things slippery, and it will probably increase your healing time somewhat.

For future reference, try not to engage in sex play that leaves you raw. Handjobs, in particular, are excellent candidates for the addition of lubricant, whether it's you or your playmate doing the manhandling. Anal sex is, too, but the anus in question will surely experience pain long before the schlong in question. Insufficient vaginal lubrication is a common enough problem that there's nothing shameful about adding a dose of slippery goo before going to town.

Prevention is nine tenths of the cure, in this case.
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Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication.

I know, your teammate(s) is properly warmed up.

try some Wet or astroglide along with a condom.
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Do you wear a helmet?
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Sorry, it was a misunderstanding on my part. My first mistake was to post very late, last thing before going to bed. I took it literally as a question about a football injury and thought, "WTF, he doesn't mention which muscle or joint is hurting??!!" When I read the inside comment, I slowly figured it out, took it for silliness, felt a bit put on and lashed out instead of going straight to bed. I shouldn't have. Sorry.
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don't feel so bad. i thought this was about american sports until i read your comment....
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You don't always have to be the QB to be the star of the team. There are other fine ways to contribute. Special teams players for instance, like kicker and punter (hehe... I said kicker), cannot be underestimated. Plenty of games are won by those guys alone. Sometimes just being the emotional leader on the field, using your big loud mouth to motivate the the other players on the squad, can be all a team needs to get over that hump. Most of all, pay strict attention to your coaches. They will ALWAYS tell you what works and what doesn't. You'd be wise to follow what works... but don't be afraid improvise when the opportunity presents itself. Good luck and GO TIGER!
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is astroglide any better than kyj? or is it the same product with more explicit advertising?

(incidentally, if you're, er, wearing your helmet, you want to be using water based products like astroglide or ky jelly, rather than <insert random slippery thing here> (rather like not using certain stickers on, ha, helmets...)),
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Thanks for the tips, everyone. Sorry if this was a dumb question, wasn't meant to be. And no problem, planetkyoto, I love real football too.

Nope, don't wear a helmet because of the whole latex irritation thing. But I'll try the astroglide. Must go research soon :-)
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