Help me make my computer quiet again, please!
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Where can I find a new fan for my Fujitsu T4215 laptop?

I have a Fujitsu T4215, and its fan is dying noisily.

I tried taking it apart and putting some Arctic Silver on the CPU, which helped reduce the heat, and I blew the dust out of the fan, but the laptop is still making fan noise constantly after it's been on for more than an hour. I need to replace the fan.

This is where I need help: I can't find a replacement fan for this thing. I've searched ebay and google to no avail; I can find fans for other series of laptop, and I can find other parts for this laptop, but I haven't found a fan for this laptop.

Can someone help me find the part that I need?
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I don't have anything specific to offer, but if you had a fan could you get inside the laptop to change it? Is it integrated into the power supply or not individually replaceable in some way? If it seems DiYable, measure the fan and get any numbers off of it that you can. Chances are it will be a standard size and (ideally) with a standard connector. This is obviously the brute force method, but I'm assuming you've been in touch with Fujitsu themselves about it.
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It's very odd that Fujistu didn't have it, assuming it is replaceable.
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You might be able to disassemble the fan and lubricate it. A very small dollop of light machine oil would be plenty if you can get to the fan axle.
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