What's a good birthday gift for my wicked pregnant wife?
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So my wife's birthday is coming up, and I need to get a gift. She's also due to have our first child in two weeks. Is there something that would be a nice gift that she would enjoy specifically while very pregnant and/or post-pregnant? Let's keep it around 100 bucks.

Also, I'm most interested in stuff that's for her and not for babby. Seeing as how I'm supposed to raise it too or something.
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Gift certificate for a professional massage, along with your promise to take care of the baby when she wants to have the massage done.
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Second skwm, though you might consider scheduling that before delivery. Some spas/therapists have a special procedure for pregnant women, and she might appreciate something like that more now than later.
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Two of my best pregnancy/birthday gifts were a series of 10 post-natal massages, which felt wonderful as my body adjusted to being not pregnant, and a set of decadently comfortable pajamas that I could live in for the first month following delivery.
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I came in the thread to see if anyone had suggested a massage or spa certificate. Looks like we're covered.

(One of the best gifts I ever got.)
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Throw a foot massage and pedicure in there and then have her take a nap while you make a delicious dinner. I like the idea of the luxurious pajamas above that she can wear at the hospital and after.
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Just a thought, but it is nice to buy some new underpants. Maybe a gift certificate to fund some of that endeavor.
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Comfortable pjs, or a nice warm blanket to wrap up in on the cold nights with the little one.
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I came in the thread to see if anyone had suggested a massage or spa certificate. Looks like we're covered.

I don't care if we're covered, I'm saying it too: massage massage massage. Best thing ever for the highly pregnant.
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All the above ideas are great. Also with the blanket idea just above, consider that Mum and baby will probably spend a lot of time napping on the sofa, so perhaps a snuggly throw and pillow that are just for couch-naps would be nice.

But from my twice-pregnant perspective, massage, foot rub and pedicure are all winners.
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I loved my rocking chair when I was breastfeeding. Totally awesome. It cost under $100 back then and was wicker.
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Funny movies. Stuff you know will make her laugh or something she's been wanting to see. Those saved me in the itty bitty recovery room when babby had to go to the nursery for one thing or another and I was all alone.
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There's a Massage Envy literally 300 feet from my house on the opposing street. My wife is now a member. Thanks everyone!
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Download/burn her a shitload of TV shows that she likes, to watch/listen to while she is doing boring stuff like breastfeeding or breastpumping. (Since she is well massaged by this point I'm assuming.)
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