Treaty of testicular disarmament? When? Was it universal?
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Does anyone know about a past or present culture or subculture where it is acceptable to start or end a fair fight with a cockpunch?

I'm wondering if cockpunch is indeed a (rare) universal taboo - in controlled male violence - and the idea is so funny because of that. I know that in martial arts, there are moves aiming for the maximum testicular damage, but they seem to be emphasizing martial life or death -situation. Most of the violence is strongly codified; so is there a culture where f.ex. good kick in the nuts is the aim, but bruising the face is out of the question?

Since much fighting happens between siblings, there could be some complex mathematical reasons where possibility of hurting your brother's genetic material is worse in the long term than cost of upholding the taboo. If there are traditions where low blow is acceptable and in use, then this theory can be put to rest.
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I think it's funny because it would be really awkward to actually pull this move off. Cocks just aren't at a good punching height.

The song could be 'kick 'em in the dick', which is okay, but just not as funny.
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I'm not an expert on combat, but I believe that a frontal attack on the genitals would be ineffective, as the penis protects the balls and it doesn't hurt as much as all that to get hit in the dick. It's better to use a knee, or grab and twist.

As you're talking about ritualised combat, I suppose one could imagine a cockpunching combat sport similar to shin kicking. In fact, at my secondary school this was practised by crying 'shocker' and then punching ones opponent in the dick. You win if you move out of the way, and hence don't get punched in the dick.
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I had a fight once in my twenties, where the guy's first two moves were to try to kick me in the nuts. He missed both times and stopped trying after I hit him in the face. He was of some middle eastern descent. The fight had nothing to do with race, it was just stupid twenty year old foolishness.
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My brother, cousin, and their friends are constantly "sacking" each other when the victim is least expecting it. They come up with creative ways to do this, too. It's like a compitition, or a very long, painfully cruel game.
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Response by poster: Not Supplied: Yes, I am looking for ritualized fights like shin kicking, canarian wrestling or turkish wrestling or concepts of fair fight, bar fight or gang fight where there are some unspoken rules.
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I think there's a very heavy symbolic component to hitting someone in the balls, which may preclude its use in fights where long-term enmity is undesirable (such as between siblings). A friend of mine got in a bar fight in Boston and was stabbed in the side by his opponent; fortunately, my friend is/was so fat and otherwise large that even though the wound was deep it missed everything important. One of the first things he did weeks and weeks later after healing up was to find the guy (an acquaintance of a friend) and hit him in the balls as hard as possible with the edge of a metal shovel. In retrospect, that sort of thing seems to be fairly common: responding to the sort of potentially fatal "I don't care if I kill you" statement made by stabbing someone with a clearly non-fatal but insulting "Fuck you, you can't, you're impotent" statement established by striking the offender in the nuts. So if the two actions are equivalent or paired in that regard, it makes even more sense to avoid them in a sibling situation.
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Does anyone know about a past or present culture or subculture where it is acceptable to start or end a fair fight with a cockpunch?

Yes. It is called my parents house, when me and my 3 brothers are back there for various reasons. Perfectly acceptable, and pretty much an ongoing game. Here is how it works:

1. You form a circle with your fingers by bringing together the tip of your thumb and index finger. You hold that circle anywhere below your waist level.

2. You try to get your intended target to look at that circle without realizing what he's doing before hand.

3. The second you see his eyes looking in the direction of your circle, you pounce and pound his groin reason. One-shot-one-kill rule in effect so make it count.

4. Fight ensues, however both parties' genital regions are now considered out of bounds.

5. Repeat as necessary.

It is juvenile and fun. Its considered a sign of great disrespect in our household to punch cock without going through the traditional steps.

Also fun is asking a friend if he knows what the capital of Thailand is and then telling him whilst concurrently initiating a cockpunch, but you can only pull this one off once with a person if you do it right, because they'll remember it from then on.
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I agree with someone above: an actual cockpunch is more of an insult move than a damage move because getting hit in the penis doesnt hurt compared to getting hit in the nuts. 'Dammit that guy just cockpunched me'. I could see it as a fight starting move the same way that a face slap is a fight starting move due to the insult over injury.
Now if you are talking about a nut shot, that can be an acceptable way to start or finish a fight in a streetfight scenario in many instances. It is damaging enough to be barred in a regulated sport fight but not damaging enough to be considered a maiming strike such as a throat punch, kneecap kick, eye gouge, etc.
For an opening move I recommend the soccer kick double ball blaster which is a 1 kick KO, and for a FINISH HIM! move the ol' spread legs foot stomp is a popular favorite.
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Best answer: Interestingly, it's specifically forbidden by the Bible in Deuteronomy 25:

If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.
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Groin punches (or their attempts) are a basic element to extricating oneself from a headlock.
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i dont know about ritualized combat, but in an actual fight where someone is actual world there are no "out of bonds" wail on his nuts and end that shit before knives, bottles or bricks get involved
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