Vet near Providence?
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A good vet in or around Providence, RI?

I'm looking for a vet for my dog. We've been taking her to the Warwick Animal Hospital, but we haven't been that happy with them. Any suggestions?
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not sure if she's still practicing, but try looking up Patricia Ader in Warwick. Back when I lived down there and my ex worked at the nearby big-box pet store, she'd bring sick animals to Dr. Ader who would apparently do wonders for 'em. We brought our own cats and exotics (tortoise, lizards) to her too.
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If you're willing to go further south, I recommend North Kingstown Animal Hospital.
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I second Dr. Ader.
An absolutely amazing vet, she has some kind of otherworldly sense of how to make very sick animals very well, but never over promises results. When I lived in Providence she treated all of my cats over a number of years and was referred to as the miracle worker. She's great with dogs and reptile as well, so I'm told.
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My mother worked for the Potter League (an animal shelter in Portsmouth) for a number of years, and she recommends Povar in East Providence. She brought her cat Maxine to him, and, apparently, after she was diagnosed as terminal, he would call her every couple weeks to check in and see how she was doing. After hearing about Maxine's death (through someone else, not my mother), he called to offer his condolences.
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