Where to get a men's haircut in da burgh
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Modern haircut or salon for a guy in pittsburgh

I've been to MEC barber/salon a couple of times now, but the style isn't always right. . .and I'm looking for another barber or salon that can do a men's haircut well. My hair isn't particularly complicated or outrageous, just looking for a well-styled cut for short hair in the burgh. any thoughts?
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I'm waiting for answers to this too. My wife cuts my hair on the front porch in warm weather, but I haven't found a cheap+decent barber for the winter months. I've gone to Premier at Forbes and Dallas the last couple times, but I pay more than I want there. I've also gone to Jim's Barbershop on Edgewood Ave for $12 cuts.
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When we used to live in Pittsburgh, Mr. Amusebuche used to go to Denny, at a barbershop called Dan Cercone on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield. It's a good, old-fashioned barbershop, and Denny is the younger guy who runs the place after his father and grandfather. Always had a nice cut, but it's not exactly a salon environment and it can be hard to get in on a Saturday). Oh, and don't bother getting your hair cut by any of the other barbers. It Denny, or move on to somewhere else.

This was 4 years ago. You might need to see if the shop/Denny is still there, but it/he probably is.
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