Where is the bogus military site used in Bush/Rumsfeld photo-op?
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A couple years ago, there was this website that was made up to look like a military, high-tech tracking system of some kind. It was bogus, but looked really cool. Not long after it came out, Still President Bush or Donald Rumsfeld was at the Pentagon or similar location in a photo-op in which someone had that screen up for the cameras. Do you know what the site was? If not, I'm looking for a bogus, high-tech, military looking website. Doesn't need to be functional, just look like something the military or Nasa might use with dials, grids, radar kinda looking things. Thanks!
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I don't think Henchmen's Helper is what you're looking for, but it's similar-sounding and nifty.
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I remember something like this happening, but the site wasn't entirely bogus. It was a consulting firm's Internet security dashboard type site. I can't remember whose it actually was, but if it's the site you're thinking of that might help you find it.
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It might have been this one.
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And here is the photo.
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That's the one!

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