How do I get generative music on my desktop?
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I've recently started digging RjDj. Are there any (awesome) generative music applications like this for when I'm using OSX or Linux, and don't want to listen to my phone or compose my own?
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There are some websites that do this.

I know you mentioned for non-iPhones, but did you try "Bloom"?

I couldn't get RjDj to run. Just quits every time. First time it gave me a warning I had to have headphones plugged in, but since won't even launch. Haven't tried trouble shooting it yet.


I used to have a list of these, but most were web based. You should try as well.
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Well, as it turns out RjDj is a portable (and minimalist) frontend to PureData. So you should be able to run the scenes on a computer. However, if they rely on accelerometer or touchscreen data you'll probably have to modify them. Not sure how much of a hacker you are. In any case, a post on Makezine explains it all.

Suddenly I'm a lot more interested in learning PureData.
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Wouldn't RjDj run under the iPhone emulator as part of the OS X iPhone dev environment?

But, yeah, the PureData find O9scar mentions is probably what you're looking for.
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