Obama blogs?
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Is there a blog that covers Barack Obama as a celebrity or personality more so than a politician?

Barack Obama's campaign just posted candid shots from election night on Flickr this morning. I'm fascinated by this behind-the-scenes look. Is there a blog that covers Obama more like a celebrity? I'm interested in what he's doing politically, but I would also like to learn tidbits about him, funny things he says in interviews, see different or interesting pictures of him and learn more about what he does in his leisure time. Sorry if it sounds like I want to date him. I don't, I just think he's awesome.

I guess I'm looking for Obama fan blogs. Any suggestions?
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Not a blog, but if you haven't already, I really recommend that you read Newsweek's behind-the-scenes look at both the McCain and Obama campaigns. It was fascinating. It was heavily biased toward Obama in a how-great-is-he sort of way (and portrayed McCain and his aides as clueless assholes), but some of the anecdotes about how Obama treats his aides and jokes around with his wife were really interesting.
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Yes We Can (Hold Babies). is a pretty awesome collection of pictures of Obama (yup, you guessed it) holding babies. Or small children. Or sometimes just the small children or just Obama. It's been a little short on actual Obama+baby photos in recent days, but I'm hoping it picks back up soon.
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Obama_Daily community on LJ
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Ugh, and "classical" should be "classic." (I wish we were allowed to make minor edits right after posting... *grumble* )
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Metafilter & Buzzfeed.
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One more:

photo blog
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I came in here to recommend the Obama_Daily community, too. Everyone just posts about how hot he is, and how he and Biden look like they're going to make out all the time. Rahm is the new hotness, btw.

Not that I'd ever participate in anything like that.
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Politico has one.
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50 facts
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