Slanket v snuggie
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I've given up any pretenses to dignity. Should I buy a slanket or a snuggie?

From what I can tell, the original Slanket seems a little longer and comes in more colors, but it's effectively 4 times the price of the Snuggie. So is the slanket simply overpriced, or is the snuggie a cheap imitation?

Googling slanket versus snuggie reveals that the question has been asked, but no one has come up with a definitive answer.
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I'm going to conjecture that the Slanket is made out of that softer pile fabric that is a little more 'blanket like' (like those super-soft plush polyester blankets) versus nice fleece. It kind of looks like that, due to the sheen on the draped fabrics, but it's hard to tell from the little pictures on both sites.

Also, the video on the Snuggie site is so laggy it sounds like a record being played backwards, and that just makes it creepy.
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Finally something I have some information on!

We have two Slankets at the house, and one is mine, as embarrassing as that is. They are very warm and comfortable. I bought one for my wife at and they were on sale for $25, much cheaper than on the Slanket site. I remember that the available colors were limited though.

I always quote my mother in law who said "Cheap you pay, cheap you get". I imagine the Snuggie is a poor substitute.
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If you're okay with fleece, I'd go with the Snuggie. Slanket seems way too pricey for something you could hack together with an old blanket and a sewing machine.
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The Slanket is very heavy, well made fleece. I'd get one from QVC, where it's still about $28.
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i'm hearing good stuff about slanket, both offline and here. if any snuggie owners want to chime in i'd love to hear it, but I'm leaning towards the slanket on the balance of these comments. thanks guys!
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I _love_ mine.

The best part is, it looks even more ridiculous in person. AND you'll get the International Male catalog for the rest of your life.
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From the pictures and tv ads I've seen, it seems like the Snuggie has more of a back to it, like a giant blanket-robe, whereas the Slanket really is more of a one-sided blanket with sleeves. Can anyone confirm or deny? I've been debating between them too, and I go back and forth on which design would be better, assuming they actually are put together differently.
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Warmth cocoon > dignity. The slanket's extra length lets you fold the extra material under your feet and still move them around comfortably. The oversized-ness and thickness are very nice.

I can confirm that it's impossible to get up and do anything else when 'wearing' the slanket. It's simply too heavy/long/baggy. I see this as a feature, not a bug.

Does anyone know a good way to fold/bundle it for easy sleeve access? I just sort of roll it into a ball that I have to untangle next time.
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This spectacular creation was just shown to me by a hero of the internets. It has a foot pocket.

$110 is pretty steep though.
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Do you sew, or know someone who does? Here's a pattern [PDF]. I would make some for the holidays if people on my gift list weren't already on MeFi (stop reading! Right now! You know who you are!)
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Wow. So basically, in mid-century car terms, the snuggie is the chevy, the slanket is the oldsmobuick, the fleece snuggler is the pontiac, and the nuddle blanket is the cadillac. Well, given the lower prices online for the slanket I think we're going to go that way, but man, if there weren't a recession on, I'd go for that nuddle blanket. Oh and davcoo -- yeah we're thinking of these for family presents too.
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Ditton catlet -- fleece is wicked cheap, and even if you don't sew, google "no sew fleece blanket," you could probably come up with something semi-unridiculous cheap.
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Been seeing the snuggie commercials. I think they should come in brown and with a hood, so I could be a druid.
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yeah, the first thing i thought with the snuggie commercial was, you could put a belt on that and you'd be a microfleece jedi.
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catlet--that pattern is amazing. I know what I'm doing over the holidays!
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what does the back of the slanket look like? does it have a hole for your head or just a divot to nestle under your neck?
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Why don't you just get a fleece house coat and some slippers?

The gap between the robe and the slippers is a prime gateway for cold.

The bottom of slippers are dirty, you don't want to put them on your couch.

You can't snuggle on a couch properly in a robe, the tie always comes untied or one side rides up or whatever.

That doesn't keep your neck warm, unless you wear some sort of scarf (!)

I could go on and on.
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Slanket. Prior to purchase, we were Slanket-sneerers. Bought one, found fleecy religion, bought 3 more (1 more for us, 2 for gifts), and we now sing the praises of the Slanket far and wide.
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no one seems to want to answer the question (asked several times above) as to what the back of the slanket is like. Is it just 'open'?
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there is no back to the slanket. it is a blanket, with sleeves, and a touch of class.
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Oh dear...
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I am a snuggie owner but I recently purchased a Nuddle. It was $110 and the most worthless piece of cloth ever. First of all there are no sleeves. There are just two slits cut into the fabric and your supposed to let the top part hang over your arms. However, as a 6' semi muscular male I couldn't even fit my upper arms all the way through the slits. The fabric that's supposed to hang over the arms is like 6" and doesn't cover a forearm. Secondly the garment is so short when I try to put my feet in the foot pocket itpulls down on the arm slits and creates a comedic tension between upper and lower body. Although the fabric of the nuddle is superior to the snuggie it is nowhere near as comfortable. At $110 it is laughable as a costco $20 fleece with two holes in it and a pocket. The website is misleading because it does not show it's lack of sleeves and correct dimensions. Do not waste your money on the Nuddle. I'm sticking with my $15 electric blue snuggie.
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I would like to revise my earlier statement about the nuddle. The owner of the company called me after I called to complain and return my nuddle. He told me that I was wearing it the wrong way. Apparently your supposed to just put your forearms through the holes, nottie entire arm like a snuggie. After adjusting myself to it, I have found that I enjoy the nuddle very much. It's much softer than the snuggie. Plus the foot pocket is awesome. Although u don't have the freedom of movement of the snuggie, it is much nicer and more comfy. I will keep this product and use it.
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Dude: Slanket is the best. Snuggie is cheap and chintzy. Not as thick or large...which we all know is the best type of blanket. It's wearable either backwards or forwards. It's very cozy and warm and better than a robe or blanket. Slanket is the best one. Buy slanket. I have no affiliation with any blanket company whatsoever.
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I bought a Snuggie as a joke but after wearing it a few times it's actually pretty comfortable. My only complaint is the fleece is pretty thin, not all that warm. If you're into looking absolutely ridiculous I'm pretty sure both of these will work but the Snuggie isn't really all that warm.
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i loves me slanket
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Ah-ha, Gizmodo has done it... The Ultimate Battle: The Snuggie vs. Slanket vs. Freedom Blanket vs. Blankoat. (They say go with the Slanket.)

Personally, I'm going with catlet's idea and sewing my own *special* blanket portmanteau.
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And the slanket has opted for product placement on a good show rather than an infomercial.
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Slankets win hands down. The snuggie is like an airline blanket with sleeves in both fabric and size. The Slanket is very large, soft and warm. They're open in the back and the front has a large enough "collar" to tuck up under your chin or even wrap around your head if you're so inclined. My only complaint if I'd even call it that is the fact that they can be too warm at times.
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