Treasure Hunting in the Bay Area
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Please recommend some good places to go treasure hunting in the SF Bay Area.

I'm in the mood for exploring and I'd love to know where I might search for nifty rocks or seashells in the Bay Area. The more specific the better, and bonus points for places in SF or the North Bay.

Alternately, what are some good places to go on a visual "treasure hunt?" An example of what I'm looking for might be bird watching at Audobon Canyon Ranch or the upcoming Photojojo Safari to see murals in the Mission.

Thank you in advance!
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Best answer: Oh, you should totally do the Big Year endangered species treasure hunt at GGNRA. But hurry, it ends in a month!
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Best answer: I found a really cool peice of antique tile in the ruins of the Sutro Baths which is just below the Cliff House.
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Best answer: An hour or two away, but you might actually find some real treasure at Jade Cove.
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Best answer: Ooh, go to China Camp State Park. It's an old Chinese shrimping village in Marin County. I've been there several times, and I've always come away with AWESOME rocks. Seriously, these are the best rocks in the Bay Area. I have one that's a perfect pyramid. It's the best rock ever.

Also, you can find old pottery shards. There's lots of great detritus there at low tide.

Another obvious answer is Pt. Reyes or Bolinas after a storm. Because, you know, you could turn up some of Drake's treasures. Be patient, though. Could take a few decades.
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Best answer: Perfect time of year to go mushroom hunting, after a good rain. The Mycological Society of San Francisco does a trip to Mendocino, but it's expensive. There are smaller more reasonable hunts organized through the regional parks. If you're interested you can find info searching on craigslist or chowhounds or yelp or tribe.

Then in February there's the SF Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, which can be really fun if you can deal with the crowds.
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Best answer: If you can hold out until Chinese New Year, this is an astoundingly fun event.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all your excellent suggestions!
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You can find bits of jade & jadeite on the beaches of the Marin Headlands as well.
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