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Need help finding resources for Network+ certification prep.

I would like to earn a Network+ certification from CompTIA. I currently have the A+ cert and know I'm completely capable of understanding the concepts required for Network+.

BUT, I'm not an IT professional, which means I'm not interested in cramming for a test just to get the certification. I really need to learn the material. Learning on my own is OK and I'll certainly consider any books/websites that you've found helpful, but since my company is willing to pay for some classes I don't want to rule out that path as well. Any reputable online courses that might help?

Finally, I've looked at local community colleges but I haven't got the time/energy to attend classes. I've had successful results with online learning before so I don't really need the structure that B&M classes provide.
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This site had enough information for me to pass the test.
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I know you said you don't want to take classes, but if your boss is willing to pay, a quicker method than taking classes at a community college would be to go to a local (or, if your boss is *really* generous, maybe a non-local) computer training center. New Horizons is all over the place, and most of their locations offer Net+ training. You can also Google for computer training + your area to see if there are any smaller competitors in town. I got my Net+ certification that way (I was a New Horizons instructor at the time), so I'll admit a certain bias towards that path to learning, but you should be able to take a single week-long class that will prepare you for the test.
Otherwise, just head up to your local Barnes & Borders. There aren't too many Net+ training materials out there, so you don't have a big selection to choose from, but they're probably all going to be about the same as far as content and quality.
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Best answer: This book by Tamara Dean is more in-depth than I cared for (but it's good).

MCMCSE, despite its name, was a site that helped me a lot with the A+. It's got some practice questions for Network+ but nowhere near as many as there was for A+. Worth checking out though.
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