Need Alternative to Text Editing
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Need a Ultra Edit Windows Free Alternative for a Not For Profit Organization. Meaning "free for non-commercial use" doesn't apply to us. Thanks!

Looking for something that can do line numbers, sorting, find and replace and all the other useful stuff Ultra Edit has.
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Not For Profit Organization equals non-commercial use, right?
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Best answer: Try Notepad++ - a wide variety of different text processing functionality, though a UI that only a programmer could ever really love...
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one more time with the correct link jedit
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Best answer: Notead++ is great, but I'm echoing niles here - you're non-commercial if you're a non-profit.
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I'm a big fan of Komodo Edit, but really that's probably only because I'm a programmer.
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Have you considered contacting the Ultra Edit people and asking if they would offer donate a license for the software? Odds are, if they're smart, they'd rather have you use the software for free rather than use something else. Plus it's possible they could write off the value of the donation.

And, no, "not for profit" does not necessarily mean "non-commercial".
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. I think NotePad++ will be a suitiable alternative!

Good suggestion. Will give it a shot. And your correct, we are a "Not For Profit" organization not a "Non-Profit" organization. We do make money, although that's not our goal :)
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PFE a.k.a. Programmer's File Editor. Not in developement anymore, but the closest thing I've found to BBEdit on Windows.
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