I Can Has Spicy Hot Mango Candy Pleez?
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Where can I find spicy hot mango Mexican candy online?

My coworker recently came back from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and brought back a bag of tasty candy -- each individually-wrapped treat was mango-flavored, chewy, and hot. I ate it all, and besides being remorseful I'm also craving more. I Googled the name on the candy wrapper (which I forgot to write down) and came up with nothing. Anyone know where I might find such delicious treats online?
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This site has Vero Mango pops on the second page, and also has hot tamarind pops and hot watermelon pops, which you might like.

has Vero bolitochas mango, which you might also like, as well as mango con chile.

Or, if neither of those has what you are looking for, mexgrocer.com has yet another type of hot mango candy.

Hope this helps.
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Check your browser history; maybe you can find the name you searched for. (If you search while logged in, Google may also keep your search history. Try here I think.
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My wife says the Lucas brand is where it's at at the moment. Googling produced this.
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