Seeking new R&B with an old Motown feel
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I need some new music that will fit well with Motown and Stax old R&B & soul.

I have a radio show that features old soul music and old R&B. There is also is some funk and jazzy stuff with a smattering of blues and reggae. But really, the backbone of the show is a cross between Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding.

I am seeking music from new artists that will fit in this show. I know my old stuff really well but I am completely disconnected from what is coming out today. I am looking for current music that captures a Motown sound or the super funky Stax sound.

An obvious choice is Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album. I find that Ronson produced music has that flair to it so I have played a bit of Santogold and such on my show. I have also played some music that he used to mix into his stuff. I really liked a remix of Dee Edward's "Why Can't There be Love" by Pilooski so well done remixes are welcome. I also liked Band of Bees. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: You're on the right track with Winehouse. Along vaguely-similar lines, there's also Sharon Jones, Lee Fields, Dap-Kings, Sugarman 3, Nicole Willis, Menehan Street Band, Bronx River Parkway, Poets of Rhythm, maybe Antibalas, etc. The Daptone and Truth and Soul labels, among others, are good places to consider.
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Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings?
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Best answer: Budos Band and Daktaris, too. Really, just go with everything from Daptone. Srlsy.
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Not so new, but have you heard the Style Council's "A Solid Bond In Your Heart"?
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Jamie Lidell!
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Best answer: The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin 'On.

The Heavy - That Kind of Man (more Funkadelic than Otis Redding, but their other stuff is mellower).

The Eccentric Soul compilation features old but obscure R&B/soul tunes.
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2nding Sharon Jones (and anything on the Daptone label) as well as Jaime Liddell.

Also check out Bettye Lavette, Nino Moschella, Darondo, some of John Legend's stuff.
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Lord Large's "Stuck In A Wind Up" seems like it could fit the bill.
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Raphael Saadiq's new album The Way I See It would fit in perfectly. His past work has mostly felt 70s-ish, but he's squarely in that 1966 era with the new one.

Worth checking out as well: Donnie, who sounds a lot like Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway. Also the UK soul singer Omar.
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Response by poster: Sharon Jones: Already play her but not impressed
Bettye Lavette: Same, I wish I could like them both but I don't
Darondo: Already a big fan
Bronx River Parkway: I forgot about these guys!

There are a lot of names here to research, some I have heard of but never heard. I think my show will be seeing showcasing a few new names tonight. Excellent suggestions so far, I can't wait to listen!
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seconding Kimota's recommendation of the Style Council's "Solid Bond in Your Heart," if you're OK with stuff from the '80s. Most early Style Council singles would work well, actually, given that Paul Weller -- himself a MASSIVE soul/R&B fan -- was consciously working in that very vein: "Long Hot Summer," "Walls Come Tumbling Down," "Shout to the Top," "You're the Best Thing," etc.

As a Weller fanatic, I am obliged to also mention his work with The Jam, particularly their late singles like "Town Called Malice," "Precious," "The Bitterest Pill," and "Beat Surrender" -- all extremely Motown-influenced. They also did a good cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up" around the same time.

As for Weller's solo stuff, "Empty Ring," off his new album 22 Dreams is notable -- the first time I heard it, I thought it was a cover of some Marvin Gaye song I'd never heard before. He also did some demos/b-sides several years ago that are a little hard to find, but also very much in the same vein -- "Ends of the Earth, "Everything has a Price to Pay," etc. Drop me a line if you like and I'll burn some stuff for you.
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Best answer: Daptone (Sharon Jones' label) has a free MP3 sampler on Amazon. You might find someone else on the label you like. You probably already know this, but Amy Winehouse used their house band on her album.
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Try Lucky Soul.
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Sharon Jones: Already play her but not impressed

She was fun to see in concert and all, but it's Budos and Daktaris that we have in heavy rotation in our house right along side the Stax box sets (along with the Ethiopiques series, which isn't what you asked for, but works well in the mix.)
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Best answer: Jessica Darling, on the new Herbaliser CD, does a few tracks that made me feel like I was listening to Sly Stone. Examples: one, two (quiet, sorry.) The first example is my favorite song on the album, actually.

These types of tracks are less than half of the album, though, so be aware before you buy.
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Two thoughts:
Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators
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Ooh, I can't forget Ricky Fanté!
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Later Tindersticks albums, particularly Simple Pleasure, had a big R&B influence.

Mixing in some Trojan Reggae and Reggae-influenced Clash stuff like Sandinista would be great as well, though you probably already do.

Some newer electronic/hiphop/dance stuff that has the older music sound might mix in well, too. Try rjd2 (you know, that song on the Wells Fargo commercial that you can't get out of your head), even some Four Tet.
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There are some songs on the new Estelle album that have that sort of vibe (largely because they sample such songs). I'm thinking of In the Rain and More than Friends specifically, but there may be others.
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Eli Paperboy Reed!

bonus: the guitar player's stage name is Man Hawk.
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Response by poster: These suggestions are great. I have added several of the artists mentioned to my show already and I feel it is an improvement. As I work my way down the list, I am sure to add many more. Thanks!
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Hmm well I don't know if this would fit but I really enjoy "9th wonder" though he is more hip hop with motown tracks, but I really enjoy "Invented the Remix"
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