Light box for displaying one photo? And how to get that photo, anyway?
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Light box for displaying one photo? And how to get that photo, anyway?

My sister, an Obama volunteer in Virginia (and not a Mefite, I hope), has expressed an interest in getting this illustration in a "super-big light-box version." I'd love to get her one for her birthday in a few weeks. I'm guessing she means something that would hang on her wall that she could turn on when people needed to stop freaking out.

As I see it, I need two things:

1. a transparency of the image (perhaps 8" x 10")
2. a wall-mounted light box in the same size as the image

Any advice? I do not have the craft skills, or time to learn the craft skills, to make the box. I don't know where the image originally came from, nor do I know how to turn teeny .jpgs into large transparencies.

(Anne, if you're reading this: surprise!)
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There's an etsy seller who makes light boxes that I often look up and consider buying - maybe he'd do it. link
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Here's some. They seem kind of pricey. Maybe instead one of those LCD photo frames that you could load up with lots of Obama photos? The resolution on many of those is relatively low, so there wouldn't be as much of a problem in using stuff from the web since you wouldn't have to resize as much.
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Here's a slightly higher-res version of the image. Still not great for printing.
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Googling "duratrans" and "duraclear" might find you the info you need on the transparency front.
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