How to remove dye stains from hardwood?
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Ho do I remove confetti and streamer stains from hardwood floors?

We held an election party last night complete with streamers and that metallic confetti which shoots out of poppers. Some of the streamers and confetti sat in pools of alcohol all night and today I am faced with candy-coloured marks all over my light-coloured hardwood. What's the best way to get rid of them (or, at the very least, fade them so they're less noticeable). I don't want to ruin the floors with my experimentation.
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Response by poster: Good thing for the preview button. I'm not calling you all hos.
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Best answer: More alcohol seems like an obvious step. Also my mother swears by dish detergent as a multi-use cleaner that removes practically anything.
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Response by poster: Could I use rubbing alcohol? Should I cut it with water?
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Test on a hidden area, if you have light floors maybe diluted bleach.
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The internets suggest:

-A paste of baking soda and vinegar
-Vinegar and lemon juice
-SOS Lemon Cleaner
-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I would avoid anything bleach-related ideas... Do you have any photos of the floor and stain in question? And seconding testing on a hidden area.
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No suggestions, but I favorited this query for its awesome evocation of the after-effects of revelry. Sort of like waking up with a new tattoo.
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Response by poster: Rubbing alcohol removed most of the stains and lightened the worst by 90-95%. I am optimistic they will eventually fade completely.

Alcohol: the solution to all problems.
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