What did Giuliani say last night?
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What was the exact quote from Giuliani on NBC news last night with Brian Williams?

Giuliani had a great response to Brian Williams' question, "What happens tomorrow morning?" G said something like, "We all go back to being Americans and supporting our president, because if he fails, we all fail." Google, nbc.com, and youtube are failing me.
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Entertainment Weekly

8:38 Anchor Brian Williams to colleague Chuck Todd, taking over for Russert on the dry-erase board: "Your penmanship has really come along the past couple days."

9:15 Former New York City Mayor and McCain Republican primary opponent Rudy Giuliani, asked if he thinks Obama is up to the challenges of the presidency: "You know what happens tomorrow morning when this is all over, or tomorrow afternoon or tonight? We all become Americans. We support Barack Obama or John McCain 100 percent because if they fail, we fail."
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