State budget listings.
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Looking for a comprehensive listing of each states budget surplus or deficit for the Fiscal Year 2008. More inside...

I've been trying to look through budgets and determine surpluses and deficits but short of a degree in accounting it seems like they're damn near impossible to read. My Google-Fu turns up listings for total deficits and the like but nothing for just the fiscal year 2008. Really I guess what I'm looking for would be a list with State Income, State Spending and State Surplus/Deficit. The Surplus/Deficit isn't necessary because I can do the calculations if I need to. Please note also I'm not looking for peoples median incomes, per capita incomes, etc. Just State Income Vs State Spending.
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Data like that takes time to produce, and FY2008 ended only a month ago. Furthermore, it would not be released all by one source - each state's treasury would likely release their state's data separately.

You are looking for something like this, except from each individual treasury department.

Can you provide links to the best thing you've found so far? Maybe at least someone can help you read it.
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Best answer: If data for years up to 2006 interests you, check here. Select the year, then under "State Summary Table," choose a state. Somewhere on that site I believe there are also Access database files with much, much more detail -- but again, nothing more recent than 2006.
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Response by poster: Whoops good point TSGlenn, meant 2007 but thanks for correcting me and thank you for the link! You're a life saver. I forgot 2008 wasn't over yet :-/ just wishing it was.
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