I'm looking for awesome delivery and take-out options in Washington, DC.
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Awesome take-out/delivery options in Washington, DC?

Can you recommend some excellent take-out or delivery options in the Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan / U Street area of DC? Bonus points for places that are open late.
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The pizza at Astor Mediterranean is the best I've had in DC ( and I'm from NYC, so I'm a pizza snob ). They're located on Columbia, just south of 18th. No delivery unfortunately. ( link )

Thai Kitchen ( link ) delivers and has excellent Thai food. The yum nua and yellow curry is some of the best I've had anywhere.

I used to live on 20th and Kalorama, and would routinely get take out from some of the places on 18th. Depending on how close you are I'd recommend: The hot pastrami and swiss on toasted rye w/ mustard from So's Your Mom Deli ( Columbia next door to Astor ), Falafel from Asterdam Falafel ( 18th ), the tacos at Pepitos Bakery ( Columbia just north of 18th ).
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