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OutlookFilter: I have this annoying icon in my system tray when Outlook loads emails. [mi]

This icon appears every time Outlook loads an email. And when I have 50 spam emails loading, it gets pretty annoying. It's there for less than a second and every time it shows up, it shifts my task bar over. My task bar is usually full, so it gets to be really annoying when all the items down there keep jumping around.

How do I get rid of it? I don't need it. It sucks. Help.
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I can't say for sure, but that might be an icon for a virus scanner as it looks at each email individually when they come in.

The easy solution, though, is to have that icon always be hidden:

Right click on an open space on your taskbar, then click on the "Customize..." button at the bottom of the dialog box. Find that icon on the list of past items and set it to "Always hide."
posted by stopgap at 9:07 PM on September 30, 2004

Yeah, that should be right-click and then select "Properties." Or go to the Taskbar and Start Menu control panel.
posted by stopgap at 9:12 PM on September 30, 2004

Response by poster: Yeah, unfortunately, this crazy icon is not among the icons listed that I can always hide.
posted by MrAnonymous at 9:39 PM on September 30, 2004

Response by poster: But your suggestion that it might be a virus scanner is probably right. I just checked Norton's Advanced Email Options. Under "What to do when scanning emails" it had "Display tray icon," which was checked. I'll have to test it and see if this takes care of it.
posted by MrAnonymous at 9:41 PM on September 30, 2004

Response by poster: That was it. My roommate said he was having the same problem, and this worked for him. Easy enough. Thanks.
posted by MrAnonymous at 9:45 PM on September 30, 2004

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