Things to do when it's raining in Rio de Janeiro?
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Staying in Rio de Janeiro for five days, starting this Saturday (Nov. 8). Forecast looks like a lot of rain and cloudy days. Looking for suggestions for activities not exposed to a downpour.

I've been checking the weather forecasts, and it looks like rain rain rain. We were planning on sunshine, lying on the beach or by the pool, and walking around the town. What kinds of things can we do indoors instead? We're athletic mid-30s, we're not the tour-bus type but love to see sights, we enjoy good food and drink, and we can only do so much shopping. Thanks!
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Try the couchsurfing Rio de Janeiro group
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That's tough. About all there is to do in Rio is shop when it rains.
There are always the museums.
Memail me and let me know where you are staying, and I might have some more specific suggestions.
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Even if you don't like football (soccer!), it's worth checking to see if there are any games playing at the Maracana. I'm a huge football fan, but my mum hates it. Even so, we went to see Vasco de Gama vs. Flamengo, two of Rio's biggest teams, and she absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is like nothing you'll witness in Europe or anywhere else for that.

If you're feeling brave, go and see if you can get on an organised trip to a Baile Funk party in one of Rio's favelas. You might not like the 'funk' music, but you'll never forget the atmosphere - or the sight of young men with MI6s :D :D :D

Or alternatively, check out Circo Voador in Lapa - the famous bohemian bossa nova haunt where there are always lots of good bars with good shows. Very safe, too!

Boa sorte!
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Also, trust me on this one: stay away from Copacabana. It's full of thieves and prostitutes.

Ipanema and Leblon are much, much nicer beaches to visit.
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I agree, stay away from Copacabana as much as possible (especially at night!). In the day time, you are probably ok but watch out for the little kids trying to scam you. At night, take a taxi anywhere even if its 3 blocks away!

You can always visit the art museum in Neteroi, Barra Shopping (New York shopping too), the history museum is nice too. gorge yourself at Pourcao (all you can eat restaurant (about $25 USD per person), party at the Hard Rock. Check out, they have a pretty good run down of things to do.

Also, stay away from the Favela trips. It can be VERY dangerous there and why treat the locals, who have a hard enough time survivng as it is, like they are animals in a zoo and you are just visiting for a day.
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Responding to some things above:
* Maracana games in the rain are a lot of fun (as long as it's not the torrential downpours we had the last time I was around for this.
* I don't know why people are giving such crap about Copacabana. It's fun, there's good food, but yeah, don't go alone at night. I found that I felt much less comfortable in Lapa at night than in Copacabana, for what it's worth.
* The art museum in Niteroi is AWESOME REALLY REALLY AWESOME. And I'm not usually a huge art museum fan, but this one, I would visit again in an instant.

I used to work in Rio, so I've posted about restaurants and stuff in some other threads...
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