Memorex Dual USB driver
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I inherited a Memorex Dual USB card reader without a Windows XP driver. It's theoretically available at Memorex's web site but the links throw errors and when I tried to contact support, it generated a MySQL error (surprise, surprise). All of the various drivers sites I could find simply link back to Memorex's faulty site. Does anyone have this driver? It's probably in a form like "Dualreader.exe" rather than a zip archive.
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Doesn't it work without a driver? I thought all that stuff was standard?

There must be a way to email Memorex without going through their broken form. Or try a different browser. Or call the 800 number.
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You might be spending more time on this than the reader is actually worth. I've seen USB card readers for the equivalent of $1.50 here in the UK...
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Best answer: A little URL hacking finds
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