Election results via phone?
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How can I follow election results on my cell phone?

I have to work Tuesday from early afternoon to 10pm. Is there a way that I can follow the election results via text message? We don't have cable or internet access available, but I can have my cell phone (if I hide it, that is...)

I'm thinking something along the lines of a text update as each state is declared for a party one way or another.
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Best answer: The New York Times will have election alerts:

# To sign up for breaking news alerts, including the outcomes of Tuesday’s major contests, text “NEWSALERTS” to 698698.

# For updates on the presidential race in your state and your state’s House, Senate and

Washington Post
also has alerts:

Elections Alerts: Get the latest results and breaking news all day -- and into the night -- on Nov. 4 in this "special edition" alert from The Post.
Text "ELECTIONS" to WPOST (97678)
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I haven't tried this.. but if you go to http://www.barackobama.com/mobile/ -- there's a way to sign up for SMS text msgs from Barack Obama's campaign... which I assume will let you know if he won or not when the votes are counted.... I haven't signed up myself, so no idea if you'll get SMS spam. I assume they wouldn't do that, but I dunno.
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Sorry, the NYT cut off:

# For updates on the presidential race in your state and your state’s House, Senate and governor’s races, text “ELECTIONS” and your ZIP code (e.g., “ELECTIONS 10018”) to 698698.
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Just so you know, I am signed up for Obama's text alerts and I have no spam. I've been getting a few a day from him recently though, as expected. Of course, you should probably only sign up for the alerts if you are for him.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks!
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I have unlimited text/data but I'm not allowed to SMS "short code" numbers because I'm on a pre-paid plan. Does anyone know of a good twitter feed to follow or a mobile formatted website to check for me and others in my situation?
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http://election.twitter.com/ shows feeds for Newsweek, NPR, Barack Obama, and John McCain.

Mobile websites aplenty! CNN Mobile, MSNBC Mobile, mobile.nytimes.com, NPR mobile, or pretty much any site. Just Google a news source and "mobile."

Can I also mention to those with iPhones or iPod touches that you can listen to Minnesota Public Radio LIVE. They'll have NPR coverage, plus in-depth coverage on what could be the closest big election today.
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Be careful about the barackobama site. I've received so much email and snailmail spam from them, it's ridiculous. I had to unsubscribe, even though I support Obama. I wouldn't give them access to me via SMS, that's for sure...
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