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What are some awesome Twitter feeds - cool people or information I need to know?

I'm trying to get back into Twitter again, and want to follow some awesome Twitter feeds. I saw this thread, but I'm interested in people as well as cool uses by computers. I'm interested in religion, social sciences, lifehacking and intense ideas generally - anybody who's got genuinely interesting ideas or things to say about their day, I wanna hear about it.
(e.g. If there's a monk tweeting about the monastic life, I want to know. If there's a psychologist doing some sort of study that'd be really engaging to be a fly on the wall on, and he's tweeting, I want to know. If you've got a friend who you think leads a worthy, original, net-based life, I want to know).
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Best answer: If you're interested in cooking, you should check out Short Meal Service (@E4T), a Twitter feed where people post recipes in 140 characters or less. I don't use it for precise recipes since there's only so much information you can give with the space constraints, but I have occasionally used it to get some fresh ideas about potential recipes to try out on my own.
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Go here for a long list of Twitter-related sites that you might find useful.

Specifically, you may want to try Twubble, TwitterLocal, Twitterholic, and Twits Like Me.

Terrible names, all, but great for finding interesting people/entities to follow.
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I think this guy is pretty funny.
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Best answer: Stephen Fry has been a charming addition to my Twitter feed.
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Oh yes, also here for a Twitter directory by topic. Can't vouch for the quality but looks light it might be useful as well.
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All of us MeFi users, of course! ;)
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I like Wil Wheaton's.
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Peruse through Favrd to find the consistently funny denizens of Twitter.
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Humorist and Mefite Lore Sjoberg is consistently very funny, and has lately been proposing fun participatory twitter memes.

*blows kisses at Lore*
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the random guy doing NaNoWriMo by twitter is, in fact, cortex.
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Best answer: If you're into creative process or just in need of inspiration, Oblique Chirps tweets random selections from Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies.
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Following my own MarsPhoenix link, I discovered MarsRovers, CassiniSaturn, and MarsScienceLab .
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Response by poster: anthom: Oblique_Chrips is incredibly interesting. Because the phrases come down the pipe once an hour, they force you to step back from whatever you're working on and really question your preconceived notions. Today's have included "Is it finished?"
"How would you explain this to your parents?" and "Instead of changing the thing, change the world around it." Thanks!
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I've found some good stuff through Amazon MP3 Daily Deal.
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