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Where can my sister watch the election returns in Dublin?

She's doing a year abroad over there and would love to watch the results trickle in. Is there any sort of place that's doing this? No cover would be preferable I am told.
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It's been a few years since I lived in Dublin, but I'd guess that any major downtown hotel would be airing CNN. She might have to have some breakfast there or something, but many hotels have TVs in their breakfast lounge/restaurant.
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RTE are showing live results from 12AM local switching over to CBS coverage from 3AM. I would presume any quiet bar that normally has sports would switch for the night, problem is they will all shut long before the trickling has ended, other option is a friendly hotel lobby. If she wants it at home - she could rent a TV for over the air broadcasts.
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Yeah, it's been a number of years for me too. She might try DIT on Kevin Street. There's this place in Temple Bar. I'm not sure, but she could try the U. S. Embassy. She could also try a bookmaker, as people are betting on the election there.
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Various university bars are likely to be showing it too.
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The Dublin Event Guide email list might be a good place to start. Here's what the last issue said: (kinda long)

Last week I mentioned that Nancy asked if there are any get-togethers in Dublin to watch the TV coverage for the US Presidential Election together. I did investigate and got help from Maureen G., Dan B., Jim H. and Kate F. and this is the story: There will be an official invite-only event organised by the US Embassy. In addition the "Democrats Abroad" have a members-only event in Café en Seine (5 Euro). However this event is already oversubscribed from the members alone and therefore non-members unfortunately can't get in. However, since Café en Seine (Dawson Street) is open for other business as well that evening, there is a good chance that they show the election coverage on their TV screens throughout the pub. In that case you could meet there as well and have a separate get-together. Unfortunately all pub based events are subject to pub closing times, so just when the election reports get really interesting, you will be kicked out of Café en Seine. Maybe it would make more sense
to meet at home? If there are a number of people interested I am happy to make contact. Send me a mail / if you want to meet people that evening with the Subject "Election" and I will pass on your e-mail address to the others who want to meet up as well.
A completely different type of event is the "Leviathan: Political Cabaret - US Presidential Election Special" which involves David McWilliams and takes place in the Button Factory in Temple Bar (former Temple Bar Music Centre) on Tue 04 Nov 2008 from 20:00. Admission is 25 Euro and more information can be found Live coverage from the US will be provided there as well.
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Here's a link to the Leviathan event: friends of mine are going. Looks pretty cool.
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Thanks for the advice everyone! She managed to get into the embassy party so that's pretty cool. Barack and roll for the rest of the night.
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