Looking for an organizational planning calendar
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Looking for an organizational planning calendar -- ability to emphasize/de-emphasize certain events, filter by category, and share amongst colleagues. Suggestions?

Google Calendar is my default option, but it doesn't give me enough flexibility in terms of highlighting the most important events. Ideally, I'd like something that lets me adjust font size of each event (to represent the importance of events), and use other formatting techniques to show dates that are being considered but not confirmed.
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I created multiple Google calendars and set the low-priority calendars (family birthdays, etc) to a gray, while the business events calendar is a bright red.

It's easy to shift events between calendars, so you can have a gray proposed calendar and a bright green approved calendar and switch the events between them easily.
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Despite your misgivings, I still think that GCal is THE way to go here. As Unixrat stated above, colors can do wonders for emphasizing and muting events.
My GCal runs my life, both at work, and at home.
Things I gottagottagotta do are in BRIGHT RED.
Financial things in green.
Things not so urgent, in blue.

I think that if you come up with an approved and agreed upon standard, folks will chip right in and it will work for you.
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Agreed on GCal. I categorize by color (personal, work, GF, me + GF, birthday, holiday). I think it does priority but I haven't needed that feature. Oh, I have found a need to indicate whether or not I've committed to an event so I prepend the title with a question mark in that case.
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