Tracktion 2 on a netbook?
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Can I reliably run Tracktion 2 on a netbook? I'm especially interested in the MSI Wind, but open to other options (Asus, Dell, etc.). Inside, more details on what I envision doing.

I'm an electronic musician, and I do most of my producing in Tracktion. I'd like to start using it during live performances as well. This is what I'm thinking of doing with it:

- Playing a single pre-mixed stereo backing track
- Running a VST vocoder, using a pre-recorded carrier track and live vocals
- Playing a QuickTime movie containing synced visuals
- Possibly running one soft synth with a keyboard controller via USB MIDI

The soft synth is optional -- I can just play an external hardware synth instead, like I do now -- but I'd definitely need to be able to do the other 3 things to make this worth my while.

I figure what I'm planning to do would put relatively little strain on the CPU -- it's not like I'm planning to use a dozen different VST plugins simultaneously.

But is it realistic to think I can do even this much on an MSI Wind or other netbook? I've found at least one forum posting from a person who says he's run Tracktion 2 on a Wind successfully, but I'd be interested in hearing more from people who have tried this.

I should add that my desire with the visuals is to have them exported via the machine's VGA port, and projected at full size (i.e., filling the screen). I haven't actually experimented yet with QuickTime playback in Tracktion, so I don't know if this is possible.
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I haven't any experience with the specific hardware, but I'd imagine it'd be fine. I certainly ran Tracktion 1 on far inferior specs when it was released, along with several VST soft synths. I don't know about the visuals, but I'd unless there are any specific hardware incompatibilities, I'd think that you'll be just fine with all your proposed tasks.
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Thanks, Magnakai. The MSI Wind's specs: 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM (expandable to at least 2 GB), WinXP.

I'm probably going to get it in any case, for web browsing, word processing, and DJing, and maybe light image editing. But if I can use it during live gigs as well, so much the better.
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I just got a Wind and it's surprisingly capable. There are issues with the sound drivers for Linux and MacOS but under XP they should be fine. The 1024x600 screen is very small though and might be a little frustrating for an onscreen mixer/DJ setup (dunno, never DJ'd). However, the XP screen driver has an autoscrolling 1024x768 mode.

You will want to pick up an external DVD USB burner though so you can burn the recovery disc as soon as you get the machine. has forums and wikis for any and all questions you might want to ask.

Oh, and it's expandable to 2G exactly, not "at least 2G". Sorry!
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