What are the domain names that are linked to in the "Yes on Proposition 8" ads running on Google's ad network?
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What are the domain names that are linked to in the "Yes on Proposition 8" ads running on Google's ad network?

Though the company came out against California's Proposition 8, Google Adsense is serving up ads in favor of it on my site and on others. (I would expect there to be a firewall between the company's opinions and its revenue streams, but still.)

I had no idea until a dismayed reader/listener emailed me. But since I am in New York, and not in California, I'll never see the ads. I need to know what domains they link to so I can stop them in my Google Adsense settings as soon as possible.

I've preemptively blocked yesonproposition8.com and protectmarriage.com, but I need to be sure that will solve the problem for the next 36 hours or so.
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Best answer: I'm seeing ProtectMarriage.com ads (and only their ads) on doubletongued.org right now.
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What is your site, so we can see it?
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This is happening to lots of people I know, and their solution has been to just turn off ads entirely for the next 24 hours.
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Also, here is a list of funders (both pro/con). It's hard to know who is funding the ads, of course, but I'd figure there's pretty good overlap.
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Also, not the best for business, but if you can't get around it, could you just possibly pause adsense for a day?

Really not the coolest, as you shouldn't lose income for this, but it might be the best to do for the long term faithfulness of your site visitors.

You could even just pop in a visual reminder to vote in it's place. That way you would also be doing a good civic service.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I think this is now handled.
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For future reference, certain ads can be pulled at your request. I emailed the mods of another site where Yes on 8 ads were popping up. The mods had no idea they were there, and immediately demanded that Adsense pull them from their site. Google complied quickly (within an hour or so).
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Whatever you did seems to have worked; I'm now seeing an ad for emissions testing. Hooray!
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Ironically enough, I'm seeing "Yes on Prop 8" Google ads right below this Metafilter post when I'm not logged in.
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