Aspie Doctors in Brisbane?
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Know of any psychiatrists or psychologists in the Brisbane, Qld area who specialise in--or at least have some knowledge of--Aspergers Syndrome?

My partner already knows about Minds and Hearts--he was diagnosed there--but there are really long waiting lists.

I'm asking for personal recommendations mostly, but if you've heard of someone or found someone on the web, that's okay too.

PS - Even Gold Coast would be okay but it's certainly not first preference.
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Tony Attwood is one of the foremost Aspergers researchers/psychologists and he is based in Queensland. His site shows several support groups in your area, I'm sure his office would have some recommendations for individual therapists as well.
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Ah, I see Minds and Hearts is an Attwood clinic, sorry for giving you info you already had. The support groups might be a good place to look though.
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