Where can I get edible flowers in the Bay area (USA)?
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Where can I get edible flowers in the Bay area (USA)?

Hi there, MeFites. I'm getting married on Saturday (11/8), and I've got a "signature cocktail" on the menu that involves edible flowers. I was jumping a bit ahead of myself, though, because I don't actually know where to find said edible flowers. I live in Baltimore, and am marrying a Bay area native, and she's not been able to shed much light on this.

I found this thread asking the same question, but it applies to NYC. (I actually am up there now and again, but sadly, I've come across the thread too late.) But I see that Whole Foods is mentioned, and they're like . . . everywhere. Perhaps a West coast location will have them?

My fiancee mentioned the SF Flower Mart, but since she lives in the East Bay, and the wedding's in Oakland -- and we're tight on time as it is this week -- I'd really prefer to keep our travels to that side of the Bay, if at all possible. Still, if SF is our only bet, we can have a friend/family member who lives over there pick them up for us.

Many thanks in advance.
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SaveMart often carries little boxes of edible flowers (specifically pansies and nasturtiums) in the produce section. I also see them at Whole Foods, Lundardi's and Draeger's. Call the high end grocery stores nearest to you and ask if the produce department manager can order some in for you in the quantity you need.
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Are you searching for a specific flower? The Berkeley Bowl Marketplace has an astounding (both in terms of variety and affordability) produce section that trumps what you'd find at Whole Foods. I'm almost certain that you'd be able to find at least one kind there (purple and yellow pansies, probably) that you could order by the case if you called in advance.

They have a website with their location and other particulars that might be helpful: http://www.berkeleybowl.com/pages/produce.html
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I've seen edible flowers at the various farmer's markets in the East Bay, although I don't remember how often or how recently.
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There were little boxes of edible flowers at the Berkeley Bowl, last time I checked.
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I saw them at Berkeley Bowl about a week ago.
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I suppose you aren't just looking for cauliflower, broccoli, and artichokes, then? (All are true flowers.)

There are lists of edible flowers all over the internet. Many are available in florists (ironically, even grocery florists.) Wash all of them very well, of course.
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Try Andronico's. If they don't have them in stock, they can probably order them for you.

Congratulations on getting married!
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If you want something spicy, nasturtiums are edible, with a hot, spicy tasty, and come in wonderful orange and yellow colors.
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Do not buy flowers to be eaten at a florist or the SF Flower Mart. The EPA only regulates chemicals used in flower production insofar as they impact workers' health. There is no expectation that these flowers will be eaten, so unlike food, chemical residues are not regulated, and can be much, much higher than they are for food products. Only buy flowers for consumption from people who are growing them for consumption.
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Thanks, all! Sounds like there's plenty of options here. :-)
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