Putting unused journals to use
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People buy me a lot of nice journals, including Moleskines. The problem is that all the writing I do, journaling and stories and etc, is written on 8.5x11 loose leaf paper and then folded into this leather sleeve thing that I use. I need suggestions for ways to use these other journals, sitting so lonely there in their dark drawer.
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You could use at least one to keep contact information for friends and family.
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You can use them as record books for things you like to do. In other words, a scrapbook, but if like me you are not good at drawing and don't want to have to keep a store of stickers and raffia laying around we'll just call it a "record book" instead.

For instance, say you like live music. You can keep ticket stubs from shows, attach one to each page with any photos, and include a brief write-up of the evening (venue, who you went with, etc.) Or if you like to cook, pictures of memorable meals, again with a write-up (recipe, inspiration, who ate with you). Maybe this is too sentimental, but I also always liked the idea of a "love book" recording the sweet things my spouse has done to make me happy -- records he's bought me, things he's said that I like, pressing a flower he gave me -- that sort of thing.

I like to write but don't like keeping a journal, so confining a book to one subject this way keeps things low key and naturally organized. Memories of small good moments tend to fade into the mist, and recording at least a few of them is something I wish I'd started doing earlier.

If no suggestions you get end up sounding appealing, you can just donate them somewhere like Goodwill and give a broke or thrifty writer or artist the chance to score a bargain.
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If you are into the Getting Things Done system, you can adopt a Moleskine as your organizer.
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Maybe separate content between the two like you would between a blog and twitter. Leave full thought out ideas to the 8.5x11, and short little things you don't want to forget or want to develop later in the notebooks.
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One very long, patiently written love letter. It would be a good pocket reference for the recipient.
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I use the computer for most of my journaling and use Moleskines for a sort of informal scrapbook - I take it around with me on trips to Borders/the library to write notes on things that I read, I post photos/news items that interest me, and the occasional photo/postcard/letter from my grandmother. It's a nice way to keep a document of my life in non-narrative form.
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I think of small notebooks as being useful in places where a desk or table are unavailable. Become an amateur naturalist. Take them out in the woods, or a field, or a desert, or the bank of a stream -- or a bus station or market or soup kitchen -- and sketch/write about what you observe there.
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If you have a women's or family crisis shelter in your area, donate them. I've worked with such a shelter that would love to have blank journals to include in the kits they give women who are staying there.
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Seconding donate them - whether to a shelter (brilliant idea, ersatzkat) or to a local school that could use supplies for writing and art projects.
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ersatzkat's is the best answer so far, and hard to follow, but the only reason I've ever bought one of these blank books was to use a recipe book. They're the right size for gluing in newspaper clippings or copying in notes from recipes gleaned from other people. Organization has been a fault though. If I could do it over I would start from several places in the book, or maybe just front and back: "sweets" "savory" or "dinner" "salad" "dessert" or something.
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I have used small-sized books like this as travel journals. On vacations with my wife I write down a little each day - where we went, what we saw, and often add in sketches. I reserve it for "important" trips, not weekend getaways, etc. to keep it more special.

I started doing this after finding a trip journal my parents kept while in college - the trip happened to be the one in which my mom discovered she was pregnant with me. Reading through it as an adult was really special for me, so I started doing the same for any future kid of my own.
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Great ideas here already... here are some other things I've done with journals:

Start your own book of favorite quotes from books, movies, etc.

Start collecting quotes, pictures, story-blurbs, etc with a specific special friend or famly member in mind. When the journal is finished, you've made an awesome homemade gift for him/her.

Cooking "lab notebook" if you're into recipes and/or counting calories etc

Themed journal: Dreams, what you ate (or something else really Ben Franklin-y boring-but-could-be-interesting), travel, etc.
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I have the same problem, and I get around it by using the notebooks as literally books in which to keep my notes. As a writer I am always having to do research, or jot down ideas on the run, during interviews, after thought-provoking museum exhibits, etc. I have tons of different notebooks that are not for journaling but rather for research in places I can't take my laptop.
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I keep one journal about all the silly things my son says and does. Another one for household things like when I put batteries in something, when to change the furnace filter, that kinda junk.
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