PHP scripts: where to find how to convert text to images?
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PHP Scripts - Text to Images. [mi]

Where can I get a script to do
I'm guessing that the script converts words to images, but I don't know how it does it.
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It's done with php. That's all I know.
posted by seanyboy at 8:38 AM on September 30, 2004

Take a look at this.
posted by signal at 8:46 AM on September 30, 2004

Check this out at A List Apart.
posted by annathea at 8:52 AM on September 30, 2004

The PHP documentation seems to suggest this isn't terribly difficult.
posted by majick at 9:53 AM on September 30, 2004

All you need are the GD or ImageMagick libraries. Check out the PHP documentation; that's your best resource.
posted by SpecialK at 11:05 AM on September 30, 2004

Always check the PHP docs...
posted by angry modem at 11:30 AM on September 30, 2004

Thanks all.
posted by seanyboy at 2:33 AM on October 1, 2004

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