How to avoid a five-o-clock shadow
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[ShavingFilter] Although I shave every morning I always get a 5 o'clock shadow about 7 hours too early. Any tips?
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The trick I have heard about shaving in the morning is to wait at least half an hour before shaving. This lets the blood drain from your face allowing a closer shave. It seems to work for me, but your mileage may vary.
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My tip is to thank your lucky stars. My facial hair grows so slow that if I shave any more than once every 4 or 5 days, my face is left a bleeding mess. But it also grows patchy, so I end up looking like a retarded 7th grader for those 4 or 5 days.

I dream of a day when I could shave every day.
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What's your weapon of choice?
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(Hijacks question)
Yes, what is your weapon of choice? I've tried the Mach3, Mach3 turbo, Schick Quattro, Safeway double (really), Western family triple and electrics.

Mach3 turbo is terribly expensive. But it's the only razor where I can shave up the face after shaving down, without causing too much pain or bleeding. If i don't shave up, then I have stubble. Any suggestions?
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Get an anti-fog mirror and shave (in the shower) while you're taking a hot shower in the morning.
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Yeah, shaving in the shower is good (make sure you shave at the end of your shower when your face has had time to soak). My instrument of self-mutilation of choice is also the Mach3, against the grain, no matter what everyone tells you. And while they are expensive, you can actually go for quite some time without replacing them; They do get a little bit less sharp, but they still work fine in my experience.
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Just to echo everyone else:

* electrics leave a lot more stubble than a blade,
* use a Sensor/Mach 3 for best blade results
* shave after (or in) your shower.

I've heard that five-o'clock shadow is more genetic than anything. Other than changing your parents, your only option is to shave twice a day. I know guys who do this (but only for dates).
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I use a mach 3 and although my skin is nice and smooth afterwards, a couple of hours later it looks like i haven't shaved at all despite still being (reasonably) smooth.
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I'm all about the Mach3, though I haven't tried the vibrating version yet. I've just switch to a Neutrogena shave gel, that's nice but more of a "Prevents Razor Burn" than a "Closer Shave" type product. They've also got a cream that works well.
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Can a recommend an, er, lube? I've had better results using Somerset's shaving oil than gels or God forbid, foam.

If it's any consolation my 30 year old friends who shave twice a week are just as unhappy about their lot
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You can supposedly get a really close shave with a straight razor.
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I use a Gillette Good News twin blade disposable. Works as well as any expensive thing I've tried (including the Mach3).
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Go to the men's cologne/skincare counter at a good department store, or maybe even something like Sephora if you've got it near you. If all else fails, ask a female friend if she knows of any make-up/skincare stores that also have men's products. Ask them your problem. I think there are special aftershaves that (temporarily) curb regrowth. Note: anything they recommend will likely be more expensive than your standard shaving cream.

I also like shave oil (I use King of Shaves), but I'm not sure that it will do anything to make your shave last longer.
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(I have quick-growing, very course, dark facial hair)

I use Kiehl's shaving cream. It's great. I also use a Schick Quattro, which I wholeheartedly endorse as a former Mach 3 devotée.

Thankfully, I have a job where I can get away with shaving only 2-3 times a week. I don't know what I'd do if I worked at a bank.
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ralawrence- I feel your pain, and I'm guessing that the hair on your head is dark, straight and (most importantly) incredibly thick like mine.

I've tried everything. The best choice for me is the Mach 3 and really slippery soap (I use my fiancee's super facial cleanser from Trader Joes). But mostly you just have to adjust to looking like a hoodlum in the afternoon because there isn't a decent solution.
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I use a Gillette Good News twin blade disposable. Works as well as any expensive thing I've tried (including the Mach3).

Agreed. I've had the same experience. Not that that'll help you. I only have to shave once every 3 or 4 days.
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I have the same problem. I use Mach 3 as well, shower first, then shave against the grain. I look OK till 1 pm or so.

I suggest wearing only white shirts. You look less thuggish in them.
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