What movie was that piece of music in?
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I'm trying to find an online database or wiki that is devoted solely to music in film. I'm looking for a site where I can either search for a piece of music and find out what films that piece of music appeared in, or search for a film and find out what music appeared in that film. Does this site exist?
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Response by poster: …and please don't recommend imdb. It's clearly not the right tool for the job…
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From my experience, you can pretty well already do this with Wikipedia. Just search the artist and/or song name and the word "wiki," and there's most likely some sort of page on it already, unless it's very obscure. (Then again, if it's very obscure, it's not too likely to be on a site other than Wiki, anyway.)
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Also, the forums at:

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Best answer: Despite your disclaimer, IMDb does exactly this, although their data has occasional gaps.
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Response by poster: Thanks for pointing that out, teraflop. I was trying to use the main search box and was not having much luck. This is closer to what I'm looking for, but not quite.
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