Ideas for a last-minute birthday present for my brother who lives 1000 miles away?
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It's my brother's birthday, I haven't gotten anything, and he lives 1000 miles away. Any ideas?
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Yes, I have an idea. My idea is that you need to provide us with some details!

You can't lose with a gift certificate to something online - then it won't matter how far away he is.
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Details...Hmm... I'm 29, he's 33 now. We both got engaged this last year, which is somehow causing the need for birthday remembrances and gifts where there weren't many before.

I was thining maybe subscription to a site online, gift certificate...or something more creative, but able to get to him today (virtual or otherwise).
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(and no, we didn't get engaged to each other.)
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Sign him up for a something of the month club. Call and give him your wishes and casually ask him to let you know how the somethings were.
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More details: He runs a computer hardware/gadget store, so it's sort of pointless to buy him any computer hardware or gadgets unless he somehow hasn't found out about them yet.
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You could get him a gift cert for NetFlix. If he's already subscribed, it'll pay for a month. If he's not, it will pay for a month.

Call him and talk to him for a while. I love talking to my brothers, some of the best people in the whole world.
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ooh, good one
love the gifts that keep on giving, esp. if you can pick and choose
depending on his faves and your budget, food usually works, esp. the kind that involves nothing more than turning on an oven.
did a crazy food porn christmas once when there was this company who sent movies with the food from the movie (babette's feast, big night,etc. no tCtThWhL)
as well as just good food
"nothing says christams like burritos"
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